TIERRA MADRE provides landscape design and horticultural consulting services for residential properties throughout the SF Peninsula. We provide project oversight to ensure your design is executed and maintained to the full intent.


Outdoor enthusiasts, travel addicts and botanists, we are inspired and educated by ecosystems. We bring knowledge and curiosity  to analyze what colors, shapes, fragrances and details define a space to make it unique to each client.


We strive to bring the spirit of the wilderness into your home's outdoor living spaces.  To define your own style we'll explore your personal history, travels and favorite memories to design a space unique to you and your relationship with the natural world. Our designs intend to lead children to explore, adults to deepen connections with each other and provide a place of respite for all.

Bouteloua gracilis 'Blonde Ambition', affectionately known also as Eyebrow Grass

Alfalfa field (Medicago sativa) Galilee, Israel

Sunrise. Monument Valley, Utah

Shirakawa, Japan

1992. Red berries of Nandina domestica are fun to pick, but not for eating. 

Hallie Schmidt is an artist and scientist and has been immersed in plants and humans’ relationship to them for 14 years. A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Public Horticulture program, she has studied California native plants and ecology, horticulture, landscape design, sustainable farming, and outdoor education. Her experience as a horticulturist maintaining established gardens, such as those at the historic Filoli in Woodside, gives her an edge in creating landscapes that will succeed and be practical to maintain, in addition to being beautiful. 


Hallie holds her Landscape Contractor’s license and is a member of the California Landscape Contractor’s Association. She has written for and been featured in Pacific Horticulture Magazine. She is also the founder of Tierra Madre HIVE, a collective of female landscape business owners of the Bay Area. 

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