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The owners of this property had a four-point wish list: to address the lackluster view from the main house;  to replace plants that failed to thrive with those that would provide for the client’s floral design business; to rethink a circular brick patio that was uninviting and never used; and to create an outdoor kitchen on the patio for entertaining.


Our goal was to integrate these sections of the property that weren’t working into a cohesive design that complemented the clients’ classic craftsman home.  We reduced the size of the brick patio, installed new plantings to create a more intimate and inviting space and built a pathway anchored with arbors to connect the once- disconnected patio with a new cut-flower garden and the rest of the yard.


We replaced the wooden benches on either side of the paver and brick upper patio with a barbecue, an ice maker and refrigerator framed with stone to coordinate with the existing curved stone wall on the lower section of the yard.  We opted for solid porcelain countertops to keep the palette unified and simple. The result is an elegant and intimate space that is as perfect for entertaining and it is for peaceful contemplation.

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