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Habitat Garden


Drought-tolerant habitat garden, front yard

We transformed this generic front yard from ho-hum lawn to a delightful bird and butterfly habitat haven.  Colorful salvias and dramatic firecracker bushes are an eye-catching magnet for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, and the fruit of the coffeeberry will draw birds while providing a drought-tolerant and evergreen backdrop year-round.  A stone wall provides rustic charm to match the existing stone work on the home as well as serve as erosion control on this sloped property. Just a few months post-install the owner reported a resident hummingbird as well as valley carpenter bees. 

Santa Barbara daisy attracts bees; Phormium provides year-round color
Santa Barbara daisys attract bees; Flamingo Mountain Flax provides year-round color.
Stunning purple flowers of Friendship sage draw hummingbirds and other pollinators.
Friendship sage, Lomandra 'breeze, Santa Barbara daisy, Acacia cognata 'Cousin Itt, prized for it's blue-green foliage.
Firecracker bush, Cuphea Vermillionaire, hummingbird favorite
Showy Firecracker plant blooms year-round. Orange flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds; Lomandra 'breeze'
Rustic rock wall flanks yellow-gold Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' and Aster Frickartii 'Monch'
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