Modern Farmhouse

Mountain View

We were lucky to come to this project at the final stages of a whole-house remodel and thus had a clean canvas in which to work.  Our client wanted a front yard that would feel ‘lawn-like’ but would not require much water or maintenance. Plantings of drought-tolerant lomandra  provide a year-round meadow that requires very little maintenance. A custom fence at the property boundary provides a structured backdrop for breezy white and lavender blooms. When the perennials go dormant in winter, cheerful daffodils come back year after year for early spring interest.


We created multiple outdoor "rooms" in the backyard –stepping stones serve as a bridge between the covered porcelain-tile patio and a grassy play space for the client’s two children;  a flagstone and gravel path leads to a raised stone firepit and patio for entertaining; and a tall rose-covered arbor anchors the vegetable garden.

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San Francisco Peninsula 

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